Web Design, Hosting and Email

The ability to communicate effectively is the key to all successful business.

Disseminating the correct information in an understandable way is one of the simplest needs in business, but can often be difficult to acheive.

The internet, although incredibly important to running a business is still a fairly poorly understood technology. This is compounded by there being a great difficulty arriving at an accepted standard for most things, be it video delivery, user interface design, or simply an agreement on site scalability. Competing technologies only muddy the water further. Our experience is that this can create a minefield of issues that can cause harm rather than help you grow your business.

At Kneecapped, we will do our best to help you navigate the complexities and find the best way to utilise all of these technologies fully to your advantage.

Core Services Include

Site Design & Build

Robust Email

GoogleAds Management

Core I.T Support

Resilient Hosting with Secure Backups.

Utilising the latest xeon hardware, cloud infrastructure, resilient web cacheing services and Virtual Private Servers we can provide hosting from the smallest site, to high usage, load balanced requirements. Simply get in touch to discuss your needs and get a no obligation quote.